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Every passing breeze alters how water catches the sky’s radiance and reflects its surroundings. As if painted on the surface, it captures the colorful hues and clouds as day transitions to night. And it starts all over the next day — just a little different — starting with the soft early morning light that gives way to brighter colors later in the day and finishing with mellow tones at twilight.  By looking into the depths of a pool that is tranquil and glass-like, a person can almost see into infinity. Creating ways to capture this is an art. Relying on years of skill and expertise, CUSTOM POOLS & SPAS expertly crafts settings to take advantage of the reflective power of water. When left undisturbed by nature’s breath, they act like mirrors. Homeowners can doubly enjoy their getaway — in all of its natural beauty, and again, as reflected by their looking-glass pool.