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When planting a garden, you have a world of options to consider. You want to choose the right variety of plants to get the best mix of color, shape, texture and fragrance — without overdoing it.  It is the same when planning your poolscape.  Adding the reflective quality of water can create a backyard oasis that is both beautiful and functional.  A swimming pool can be a valuable asset to your property and lifestyle, enticing you to spend more time outdoors, but how do you create the perfect poolscape? Custom designs allow you to personalize a poolscape to meet your style, needs and desires.  Fun, relaxation, exercise, romance… take your pick. One pool can satisfy all of these functions or target just one, tailoring each and every aspect to your lifestyle — from

the landscaping to the interior finish. One of the first things to consider is the look of the pool and how it will blend into the surrounding environment and architecture.  CUSTOM POOLS & SPAS always keep this in mind while they are designing. Their knowledge and skills in deciding which features and materials look best against unique backdrops is paramount. An infinity-edge pool, also referred to as a vanishing or negative-edge, has water running over one or more sides of the pool, which allows the pool to blend perfectly into its natural environment, creating a striking effect. If you reside near a large body of water, this feature gives the illusion of water flowing seamlessly into the lake or ocean. Other illusions, such as a perimeter-overflow pool feature, pours water over all the edges and into a trough below deck-level. This effect imitates a natural body of water, and when combined with a dark interior, the pool looks like your own private lake. For a tropical feel, lush, colorful foliage and natural or faux rock waterfalls and boulders can surround a curvy, lagoon-style pool. Add a tiki-bar and your family reunions and children’s birthday parties take on a luau theme. If you are looking for a taste of the islands with a touch of elegance, a beach entry replaces traditional steps with a gradually sloping deck that flows right into the pool. Beach entries provide an ideal place to keep cool while sunbathing and for young children to play. The list of options is endless, ranging from functional elements such as underwater benches, tanning ledges and swim-up bars with underwater barstools to exotic grottos and crashing waterfalls that add “wow-factor” and excitement. Your pool can have a daytime look and a nighttime look, each possessing a unique spark to meet your varied entertaining modes. Pay attention to the sun’s movement across your property, to how and where the sun hits, and to the shadows created by existing trees in full bloom. Your house, a wooden fence or a tall tree on the neighbor’s property may create shaded areas during different times of the day, affecting the placement of lounge chairs and dining tables. Even the sun’s reflection on the water can appear more brilliant depending on the pool’s strategic placement. If you have not considered these factors, relax, because CUSTOM POOLS & SPAS  already has.  With many years of experience, they will help you make the most out of your pool design, so when night falls, your swimming experience does not have to end. Poolside entertaining has become more popular as homeowners place more emphasis on their outside “living room.”  A beautiful aquascape is something you want to use and show off. Elements of fire, with flames rising from stone pillars or a water feature, set the mood for drama, excitement and romantic evenings. Firepits and fireplaces offer light and beckon guests to gather round. Dramatic uplighting and subtle downlighting accent the beauty of your plants, shrubs and flowers, otherwise lost once the stars come out. Lit walkways and pool lighting enhance the shapes and textures in your yard, while also providing a transition from the home to the pool.


One feature, or combination of features, can make your pool an experience like no other. A few laminar jets, which shoot continuous arcs of water from the deck into the pool, can provide a hint of elegance as well as the gentle sounds of flowing water. For something more attention-grabbing, you can install fiberoptic and LED lighting that change the jets’ color and accent the deck area with a decorative waterbowl.   Digital technology and remote controls have made water features more popular and easy to control. With the touch of a button from inside your home, you can turn on waterfalls, make fountains come to life, get the spa bubbling and set the pool water to a comfortable temperature. By the time you have your swimsuit on and grab a towel, your pool is at your service. Conveniences like these make those impromptu dips worth taking. The skills and talents of today’s pool builders allow you to have a pool that is as sleek and simple or as bold and extravagant as you want. With today’s world of options ready for the taking, how do you find the right combination to build your ideal poolscape? CUSTOM POOLS & SPAS builders is the answer.

We will be honored to transform your backyard into your own personal sanctuary.  We are true artists at heart – your backyard is our canvas and your desires are our inspiration.