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If you imagined the perfect complement to your home and a place where you could enjoy the pleasure of liquid beauty year-round, you would be thinking of an indoor pool. Not only will your pool be available every day for aqua fitness and therapy, but it will be enjoyed for its beauty as well. Friends and family will gather round to spend holidays, spectacular parties or a quiet evening at home in your very own indoor masterpiece.   CUSTOM POOLS & SPAS  will work with your architect to create an indoor work of art that meets your most vivid imagination.  It may be completely enclosed or fashioned with walls that open onto outdoor patios for four seasons of enjoyment. For the adventuresome, the pool may even flow from inside out so swimmers can swim between starlit nights on a cool evening and back into the warmth of the inside room.   It becomes a place like no other in your home — one where you can express your personality with splendor and experience the joy of living to the max.